Smart video connections for remote teams

Quick & easy video interactions that boost your remote team's connectivity, helping everybody work closer apart.
Synchronous Features

Share live video with your close team members

  • Drop-in for 5/15/30 minutes

    Nobody wants to always be on video. That leads to live video of empty chairs. So drop-in for a set length of time and drop-out once the clock runs down (or extend).
  • Smart prompts to drop-in

    Knowing when to share live video is tricky. Unmeeting displays smart suggestions advising when to join another coworker for a video chat.
  • Easily see who's around

    Unmeeting runs as a sidebar app next to your Slack workspace, or whatever else you are doing on your computer. You'll easily see when a coworker drops in.
Asynchronous Features

Record short video updates for coworkers to watch later

  • 30 seconds = succinctness

    Emphasis on short. A quick update is easier for everyone, so focus on what you want to convey. It's easy to re-record before posting.
  • Smart prompts to record updates

    Unmeeting will suggest that you share short videos on certain topics and at certain times, based on team behavioural analysis.
  • Stay in the loop with daily digests

    Quickly play through the team's update videos to get a feel for what is going on, ideal if you are in a different timezone or focusing on a project for the afternoon.
The Problem

Why is remote working so hard with today's tools?

Video conferencing apps try to replicate the traditional meeting but forget that how we work is changing. Meetings are synchronous but remote teams are asynchronous. What happens in between meetings has a lot of value.

Messaging apps can make it really hard to distinguish signal from noise, i.e. discover the important stuff. Millions of rooms/channels compound the problem. Messages soon scroll off-screen and lose their value.